Cross-cultural leadership

Anyone who has worked in mixed cultural settings knows that reaping the potential benefits of diversity doesn’t always come easy.

Culture influences the way we

    • communicate
    • perceive authority and hierarchies
    • make and implement decisions
    • value trust and personal relationships in the workplace

This adds an extra layer of complexity to the tasks that every leader in every setting has to perform:  Communicating strategy, assessing competencies, assigning tasks, providing feedback.

Good news is that navigating  this complexity can be trained. Exploring your own cultural biases is a place to start; what are they, how do they affect your leadership and how should you adjust your leadership style in order to increase the performance of your international team?

Through Biering & Kristensen I help organizations design and implement leadership programs targeting cross-cultural issues while at the same time training universal leadership skills like communication, giving and receiving feedback and conflict resolution.